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Leverage your Wi-Fi to gain valuable insights into store visits and shopper behavior all day, every day.

When it comes to building a web presence, there can be little debate about the role and benefits of web analytics to improve your understanding of online customer behaviours and shopping habits.

Hipzone’s bespoke tracking technology anonymously measures the frequency and movement of your customers Wi-Fi enabled devices in and around your store and reports back on key metrics such as:

Overall Traffic Entry

Unique Visits

New/Repeat Shoppers

Engaged vs Quick Shoppers

Shopping Trends

Window Conversion Rate

Average Dwell Time

Zonal Heat Maps

Multi Outlet Shoppers

Differentiate between shoppers and employees

Through our secure Hub you get instant and easy access to a single consolidated view of these essential metrics from an overall brand and individual store perspective that is both ideal for small local brands and larger franchise brands with a national footprint. This means that overtime you get to build a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and are able to accurately monitor traffic and performance trends across all locations and report on them on a monthly, weekly, daily basis in the most cost effective way.