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Actionable insights. Optimised environments. Marketing effectiveness. These are the fundamentals through which you are able to manage and deliver the best possible retail experience for your customers.

For the most part, and given the constantly evolving path to purchase, understanding the retail marketing environment is not a simple task. Retailers need solutions that will help them make informed decisions that improve sales conversion, drive loyalty and deliver value.

When shared across the organization and augmented with other relevant data sets, the value of Hipzone’s service offering is fully recognised.

idea What effect did your most recent campaign have on store traffic?

idea Which areas of the store are most frequently visited?

idea How frequently do your most loyal customers visit?

idea How often do customers enter and leave without buying?

idea How many new customers visited the store during the promotion?

idea What is the relationship between dwell time and store sales across the chain?

idea Which of your store staff are most dependable?

These and many more questions get answered and supported with reliable data to help you better manage, prepare and improve your business from where it counts, the shop floor.

Hipzone’s analytics will deliver value for your business from the shop floor to the C- Suite.

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shape-copy-8 Marketing effectiveness

shape-copy-8 Business strategy

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