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The right message at the right time in the right place to the right customer is the ultimate goal of marketing.

With the current and emerging mobile technologies this is now totally attainable with Hipzone’s bespoke engagement platform.

Our engagement platform puts you in full control of in-store and mobile engagement so that you can provide the highest level of personalisation and customisation possible, at a time when it counts the most, at the point of purchase.

Localise promotions, personalise content, customise the shopper experience via our powerful and flexible proximity marketing engine.

Target and engage via SMS, email, push notifications and quick mobile surveys.

Set rules and events for messaging controls and deliver relevant content based on store location, in-store proximity, strength of signal, dwell time, time of day and number of passes.

The Hipzone engagement platform is designed to deliver greater awareness, drive loyalty, sales conversion and best of all is easy to use. Our skilled team will be on hand to train and guide you on best practice deployment to get you up and running and seeing results.