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Hipzone’s customer tracking product suite allows retailers to gather the information they need in order to gain valuable insights into their customer’s shopping behavior.

By anonymously tracking unique devices, Hipzone simply gathers and aggregates bulk data and then through proprietary report sets turns the data into behavioural insights. Think of it as an on-site operational efficiency tool used to reduce overheads and boost bottom line.

Hipzone Sensors detect the Wi-Fi scan of mobile phones as they look for Wi-Fi networks and by keeping track of these signals we can determine where, when, for how long and what areas of the store or location they visited.

The number of sensors is determined by your tracking strategy; our recommended minimum is two sensors per outlet but there is no maximum – ideally you should place one sensor per shopping zone. We always insist that zones are setup at entrance/exit and by the till points, additional zones are then created to cover the remainder of the sales area.

Sensors report their collected data using Wi-Fi to one (or more) Wi-Fi Access Points in the store. In a smaller environment, for example a coffee shop, that already has Guest Wi-Fi Access Point, the Hipzone sensors can report in via any existing infrastructure or network.

In larger environments our solution is easily scalable to cover any store configuration providing ultimate flexibility to suit your stores particular needs.

Our sensors have an average (reporting) range of approximately 40m, allowing you to easily determine the likely number of Access Point for your store which can be sharpened to approximately 3m for accuracy.

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