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Boost, improve, augment, enrich. There is much more to enhancing the customer experience than just tracking them and defining a set of proximity based engagements. Enhancement takes the coordinated efforts from across the organization to facilitate positive change.

And lets face it, online browsing behaviour means fewer people actually need to visit the store, so making each visit count is the challenge in every category of retail.

So while we know we have got your tracking, reporting and engagement needs well taken care of – an enhanced customer experience starts by putting the insights into actions.

Sometimes the enhancement is small, sometimes significant – it may change the layout of your store or be a change to a duty roster but they all stem from the same place – the insight – precise, actionable insights from inside the Hipzone Hub.

By augmenting the data extracted from the shop floor with other data sets from marketing, social media, weather, store performance and group sales data etc. and sharing it across the business you are able to build a real and accurate picture of traffic trends and behaviours.



The enhancement then comes from the ability to know more about how, why and when a customer spends and not just how much or where. In this way you are able to use the data to build a clearer view of needs and preferences and also develop news ways to be more loyal to your customers instead of just expecting them to be loyal to you.

Enhancement is about moving from generalised to personalised and developing new strategies for a total customer experience both on the inside and outside the store.

That’s why we have it as the end game. Track. Manage. Enhance.

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