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“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” the adage goes and using data to evaluate what is working and what isn’t is a critical management practice and one that Hipzone is fully able to facilitate.

Until recent technological developments, the potential for you to gain insights into shopper behavior and at-store-level retail operations was limited and not a quick process either. As it stands now we are capable of providing a great amount of data in real time. The trouble is what to do with it all… so we created Hipzone’s Hub.

Hipzone’s Hub is developed and designed to take the trouble out of managing huge data sets. Our proprietary software accumulates customer and shopper data into a single, unified, easy to access and use dashboard.

From the secure dashboard you are able to view all the information you need in terms of Wi-Fi performance, usage and reporting, access our surveys portal, manage all Proximity engagements and of course tracking.

This data is presented in a variety of formats, empowering you to discover trends, compare them and share important information across the organization; facilitating the improvement of the customer experience and ultimately your business performance at an individual store, zone and group levels.


Quick view information graphics for:

shape-copy-8 Overall traffic Entry

shape-copy-8 New Shoppers

shape-copy-8 Unique Shoppers

shape-copy-8 Engaged vs Quick Shoppers

shape-copy-8 Average Dwell Time

shape-copy-8 Average Queue Time

shape-copy-8 Window Conversion Time

Quick view information graphics for:

shape-copy-8 Total number of zones visited

shape-copy-8 Average Zones per visit

Graphical Reporting for:

shape-copy-8 Customer Count by Zones

shape-copy-8 Customer Dwell time by Zone

shape-copy-8 Zone to zone tracking

Quick view information graphics for:

shape-copy-8 Multi-Outlet shoppers

Quick Reporting for Top 5 / Bottom 5 stores:

shape-copy-8 Customer Count

shape-copy-8 New Customers

shape-copy-8 Repeat Customers

shape-copy-8 Loyal Customers

shape-copy-8 Window Conversion Rates

shape-copy-8 Average Dwell Time

Calendar Report Offering:

shape-copy-8 Overall Traffic Entry

shape-copy-8 Average Dwell Time

shape-copy-8 Average Till Queue Time

shape-copy-8  Daily Average Staff to Customer Ratio

shape-copy-8 % of Repeat Customers

shape-copy-8 % of Engaged Shoppers

Graph reports for:

shape-copy-8 Customers by hour and day

shape-copy-8 Customers by day of week

shape-copy-8 Overall Traffic Trend

shape-copy-8 Venue Conversion Rate (window conversion)

So no matter what your retail footprint is, from boutique shops and national QSR chains to large department stores or Shopping Malls – Hipzone aggregates powerful sets of data from any device into one, secure and centralised location so you can make sense of what is happening within your retail category, market, and store within seconds.

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